About us

About us

”Concept Stal” was established in 1990 under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe “Concept”. At first we were selling construction materials. In 1995 the company started to produce machines which were tailor-made. As we did not sell ready solutions, our business activities were strongly related to the quality of the design department works.

The department responsible for developing new technical solutions and their implementing into offered products, was separated from the company’s organizational structure. At first, its works included minor improvements in components. However, further successes motivated the team to implement effectively more and more innovative technologies. Then, these works turned into designing and manufacturing machines for the company’s own use. In that way PPH ”Concept”, being the manufacturer of roof covering, started to develop its own ideas of lines for roll forming and cutting of sheets.

Nowadays, ”Concept Stal” offers a wide range of products, not only from the branch of metal roofing systems.

We have a long experience in manufacturing lines and use only components of well-known and global suppliers, such as: Mitsubishi, Pro-Face, Finder, Legrand and Nord.

The brand “Concept Stal” is identified with quality and technological reliability. These features distinguish our products in Poland as well as in other countries. Our experience and skilled workers are key elements to provide high quality products at high efficiency and low production costs.

Our customers do not want ready products. What they need are tailor-made solutions defined by individual technological requirements and expected development.