Lean Management in Concept Stal

Lean Management in Concept Stal

15 November 2016, 13:22

Lean Management is the concept of company management based on the principle that a company adjusts to economic conditions present on the market, by improving its organization and functions. It is a slow and continuous process of streamlining the whole organization, its relations with the surrounding by introducing many changes in business activities, structure of fixed assets and management methods, as well as in the field of professional qualifications and shaping the employees attitude.

Nowadays, Lean Management is the most common and widely used practical concept of the company management, having particular regard to its use in manufacturing companies.

“Management of material and information flow” is another training course organised under the Lean Management Project “Improving process effectiveness”, in which Concept Stal participates. The project began in the first quarter of 2016 and will last until the end of December, 2016.

So far the following courses have been completed: creation of KPI system and operational analysis package, rules for defining processes, skills and structures, visual management of results, and management of constraints in manufacturing processes. The following courses are ahead of the participants: workshops on solving problems collected by means of visual management, creation of working standards based on 5S methodology – effective workplace; advice on actions and implemented solutions, and their advantages and training on process and staff skills management, training course on project management – as the summary of results and recommendation for further improvement actions.